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Facing the life facts

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Hello Marvelous Practitioners!

My sincere wish is that this article finds you excited and committed to the two most valuable things we do: protecting assets and growing wealth for those that we serve.

Below you will find a word track that you can use face-to-face with clients, on the phone with clients or perhaps in an email or a letter. (Yes, easily one-third of your clients still like to open an envelope and read a real letter.)

As you read this word track remember, “Simplicity is the key to true understanding.” What you are about to read is so simple that you will be tempted to modify it or not use it at all. That will destroy your chance of using this battle-tested word track that has placed millions of dollars of coverage for over 25 years. Be sure to put it to use, and, as always, pass on your feedback to me at [email protected]

Side note: If you will not use this tool, who in your organization might be open to using the word track then following up with the prospect? Pass it on and let’s help some people!


LET’S FACE THE FACTS! The average American family is covered for LESS THAN 3 YEARS OF SPENDABLE INCOME after the major breadwinner dies.

How much life insurance is enough for your family to live “IN THEIR OWN WORLD” after the major breadwinner dies?                                             

Before you put this down, you will have the answer by following these simple steps:

  1. Pull out your life insurance policies on both spouses and the children (if there are any).
  2. List the face amounts of each policy ($50,000, $250,000,  $2,000,000 etc.).     
  3. Add these amounts together.                                        

The total amount on spouse 1 equals:(______________)              

The total amount on spouse 2 equals:(______________)            

The total amount on the children equals:(______________)  


  1. If spouse 1 died today, how long will the money from that life insurance program last? (_____________)
  2. If spouse 2 died today, how long will the money pay for housekeeping, daycare and other things that require money that he/she contributed to help the family? (__________________) 

Don’t put this down! Because this is the closest you may have EVER come to solving your financial problems.    

If you’re like most people, you will see that the need to sit down with your trustworthy insurance and financial services representative HAS NEVER BEEN GREATER.

I simply ask that you give me the opportunity to review your program. It will not cost you one red cent and there is absolutely no obligation on your part. 

Now that sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?                                             

Yours in Life,  

Marvin LeBlanc, LUTCF, CNP