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3 more social-media mistakes you might not know you’re making

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Because social media is such a new phenomenon, it’s highly likely that you’re making mistakes that are hurting you without even realizing it. But before you throw your hands up and say “Social media isn’t right for me,” let’s take a look at some solutions that can be as simple as changing your shoes:

1. Forgetting relationships. Ironically, this is an easy mistake to make. Building relationships is the whole reason businesses are on social media. Rather than throw random content into the raging vortex of the Internet, aim to strategically target specific people, interests, topics and points. Also, go in with the intention of piquing interest and starting a conversation. Here are a few ideas for keeping relationships at the forefront of your social-media activities:

  • Consistently build your network
  • Create content partnerships
  • Engage frequently in social conversation
  • Ask important questions to provoke interest and engagement

2. Only posting on weekdays. It’s plausible to assume that it’s ineffective to post on weekends, but traffic on social media is very high then. In fact, community management company Mindjumpers states that on Sundays B2C Facebook interaction is 30 percent higher than at other times. So, don’t limit your postings to the five-day work week. There’s no rule prohibiting you from posting on weekends.

3. Not keeping a consistent message across the board. You probably have presences on several social-media platforms. And because there are vast differences across platforms, it’s easy to lose your voice and/or branding. Here are a few strategies to ensure continuity across the board:

  • Have a social-media policy and strategy in place and share it with everybody at your company.
  • Solidify a process for handling follower comments and interactions.
  • Foster a clear understanding of your company mission, image, feel and values.
  • Don’t let a brand-new employee or intern manage your social media without insuring they thoroughly understand the company culture and mission.

If you are relatively new to social media, it’s easy to stumble and make simple mistakes without realizing it. Take some time to comb through your social-media activity to ensure you’re making the most of this valuable asset.

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