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Common social media ailments and their cures

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Negative comments. Upon seeing these comments, you may feel inclined to lash back or click “delete,” but this is a bad idea. Promptly (within 24 hours) acknowledge the negative feedback and offer a resolution to the issue. If the situation is too complex for social media, offer an email address or phone number where you can be reached.

Inappropriate comments. Any posts or comments containing profane, offensive or threatening language should be deleted ASAP. Regardless of what has been said, you should politely reach out to the individual (via personal message or email) to explain why the post has been removed.

Compliance. Your posts—and your fans’ posts—must adhere to the compliance policies set forth by FINRA and the SEC. If somebody posts something that violates compliance policy, remove it.

Errors in posts. The action depends on the type of error.

  1. You notice a typographical error: Delete and repost the piece.
  2. A reader becomes confused by an error: Draw attention to your error before someone else does. (The secret here is to be humble and lighthearted.)
  3. You include incorrect information: Correct your post and note the correction in a subsequent online post.