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5 rules for successful email marketing

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1. Create offers. But first, get to know a little bit about your target audience. What are they interested in? What are their goals? What problems do they face? Here are some sample offerings you might want to consider:

• An e-book download

• A whitepaper                            

• A free consultation

• Access to free calculators

• A free weekly newsletter with information of value to them

2. Develop calls-to-action (CTAs). Once you’ve created your offers, you must entice your audience to access them.

3. Funnels. Let’s say that Sally, a 55-year-old widow on the brink of retirement, signs up to access a retirement calculator on your website. Once she signs up, her email address should be placed into a drip-email campaign.

4. Automated emails. We know Sally accessed the free retirement calculator, so how many emails should she receive? My recommendation is to send five emails over the course of the next one to two months. Remember to point the prospect in the direction you want them to take. Be conversational and keep it concise. Would you read an email that was super-long and boring? Probably not. Neither will your prospects.

5. When the campaign ends… If you haven’t heard from Sally, you may consider giving her a call to see if she has any questions. If Sally is not currently interested in your services, do what you can to stay in front of her for the next few months. Evaluate the analytics of your campaign. See what engages people and rework your campaigns accordingly.