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Why I Chose A Career in Insurance

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As a young agent coming into this industry, I was wary of what it was really going to be like. I had a somewhat stereotypical perception that it was going to be all sales and cold calling. I was dead wrong.

This industry is filled with so much opportunity in so many different fields. The opportunity to succeed in insurance is endless. Insurance is intertwined with nearly every other industry that one could think of, and that reason is part of what attracted me to insurance. The other wonderful characteristic about this industry is the relationships one gets to build throughout their career. The people you meet and the industries you learn about have made me commit to a lifelong career selling insurance.

Despite the fact that I am in sales, I would encourage every college student that has an opportunity to major in risk management and insurance to do so. Although some may decide that insurance is not for them, I can promise that the insurance industry can open doors to another industry that they would want to be in. As I have started my career path, I have found, more often than not, that the majority of people who initially leave this industry somehow find their way back into it down the line.

The opportunities I have received in the very short time I have been in the industry have been amazing. I received a national scholarship to attend a legislative conference in Washington, D.C. This trip allowed me to go in front of our Colorado state congressman and discuss the issues that are affecting the insurance industry. I have also received scholarships to begin my Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter designation and look forward to completing that in the next couple years.

I have found that this decision has paid off in more than one way and could not be happier with my choice in career. I strongly urge more young people from Gen Y to join this industry. There is currently a large age gap of people retiring and no one coming in. The upside to this situation is there is plenty of job availiability and job security in this industry.

I am a complete advocate for insurance and hope others take the leap with me and join this wonderful industry!