Are you being too nice to your customers? You are if you:

  • Acquiesce almost immediately when a client makes a demand, even when the demand is totally unreasonable.
  • Believe that you will lose a client if you engage in any sort of negotiation, so you give in on price and scheduling every time a client gives you some push back.
  • Allow a client to be a bully.
  • Lose money for every hour you work on a client’s project.

With the economy and business environment being what it is today, many of us have a tendency to be overly accommodating. But really, does it work? I think not, and here’s why:

  • You’re setting yourself up for reduced profits.
  • You’re helping to validate your client’s bad behavior.
  • You run the risk of never being able to return to an acceptable price point and/or schedule.
  • You’re working too hard for too little and experiencing burnout.
  • Your reputation may be suffering.

So while it might seem easier to be nice, it’s a strategy that will not succeed over time and will serve to undermine your business and long-term growth and success.

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