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In response to “Lessons from my UPS guy”
Thank you Jean! It appears that when you overcome your own insecurities and treat everyone equally you get that much closer to enlightened success. Offering a hello and a warm smile to random strangers across socio-economic boundaries helps me practice and stay in peak emotional health. Business efforts should not only create profit, but most importantly build goodwill and improve the global human condition.
~Edward Blake Mendez

In response to “How to optimize your LinkedIn profile”
The old “80/20″ rule is helpful in explaining my ideas here: 80 percent of your value of being on LinkedIn will come from 20 percent of…(contacts, efforts, etc.). But more than that, I see the training and advice out there is flipped, focused on the wrong areas, and I’m not exactly sure why. Eighty percent of advice, blog posts, training, etc., seems to focus disproportionately on the areas of LinkedIn that, while important for when someone takes a look at you, are not where the rubber hits the road. They’re focusing on an ROI area that’s both out of your control (you do something, then wait to see who responds, finds you, contacts you, etc.) and rather generously, “may potentially” result in only 20 percent of the value of being on LinkedIn. It’s much better to focus 80 percent of your thinking and proactive effort on the areas in your control that are much more likely to result in 80 percent of the value of being on LinkedIn, IMHO.
~Jason Ball

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In response to “Florida becomes 20th state to impose annuity suitability standards”
The following statement is incorrect: “Under this provision of Dodd-Frank, states must adopt annuity suitability standards similar to those in the NAIC model or lose its right to regulate products such as indexed annuities.”

The provision in Dodd-Frank under the Harkin Amendment states that the safe harbor for annuities to remain exempt from securities law (not that the states lose their right to regulate) one of the following THREE must be met:

The annuity policy or contract is issued…

  1. in a state that adopts the model suitability law by June 16, 2013;
  2. by a company domiciled in a state that adopts the model suitability law by June 16, 2013; or,
  3. by a company that adopts and implements practices on a nationwide basis that meets or exceeds the model suitability law requirements within five years of the model’s adoption by the NAIC.
    ~Kim O’Brien, NAFA

In response to “Manage your leads more effectively”
I’ve always followed these steps in my marketing strategy and find it really does help. Anyone who’s been in marketing for a decent period of time should know and follow these steps as a rule.

In response to “Why prospects lie”
I’ve been at it a long time, 35-plus years, and I’ve found that the main reason prospects lie is that they don’t have the money and are too gutless to admit it. So, as an advisor, just cut to the chase and ask if they have the money to buy today. That eliminates a lot of questions and wasted time. Also, I ask clients if they are considering other advisors and agents for their needs. This also saves time and wasted efforts.
~Wayne Cunningham