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Dividends and the End of the Retirement Crisis; Easing Economic Pressure: March Investment Advisor—Slideshow

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Everyone is talking about dividends these days, but Fred Taylor at Northstar Investment Advisors has been using them as a retirement income solution for the past 17 years. Clearly, this is a strategy with some staying power.

“Unless you want to absolutely cut your lifestyle in half, which baby boomers typically don’t want to do, you have no choice but to invest in the stock market, in stocks that pay dividends,” Taylor exclaims.

Between unemployment, slow growth and tenuous stability in Europe, the economy is under a lot of pressure. Mike Patton breaks down the current economic situation.  

Plus, the money managers at TAMRO Capital Partners share their five-step process for due diligence.

Dividends, Dividends, Dividends!, March 2012, Investment AdvisorDividends, Dividends, Dividends!

The retirement crisis is over—forget it. All of the hand-wringing and teeth gnashing from advisors about underfunded defined-contribution plans, longer life spans, guarantees, appropriate withdrawal rates, etc.? Done, kaput, move on.

OK, maybe not quite. But Northstar Investment Advisors’ Fred Taylor has “a solution to a problem that every baby boomer faces”: quite a boast in this era of “new normal” volatility and one that’s attracting attention. Editor in Chief John Sullivan sits down with Taylor to learn more.

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Under Pressure, March 2012, Investment AdvisorUnder Pressure

The anemic economic recovery has been in the forefront of the news for several years now. Because the economy is so complicated and multifaceted, it’s often difficult to grasp what’s really occurring. Moreover, given all of the noise in this hotly contested political season, the spin machines have only added to the confusion.

However, there are some good clues, if you know where to look. For example, why did former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan say that the yield on the 10-year Treasury is his most important signal? Why hasn’t the massive amount of government stimulus been very stimulating? What role does fear play in the financial markets? Is a U.S. recession still a possibility? Will Greece default? Is Europe already in a recession? When Congress extended employment benefits, did they understand what would happen?

AdvisorOne blogger Mike Patton answers these questions and more.

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Simple Steps for Success, March 2012, Investment AdvisorSimple Steps for Success

Here’s a simple formula. Four CFAs plus a five-step due diligence process equals solid performance for the money managers at TAMRO Capital Partners and their Aston/TAMRO Diversified Equity Fund (ATLVX). Sure, it relies on core investing principles like value, management and momentum, but it is so much more, as Investment Advisor’s March overlooked managers Philip Tasho and Tim Holland are happy to explain. They outline their five-step process for our edification.

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Seven Steps to Increase ReferralsSeven Steps to Increase Referrals

Referrals fuel the financial services industry, and without them your client base could plateau and eventually dwindle. Getting referrals is a challenge advisors face daily. It is not a matter of simply asking a client if they know anyone needing your services.

Simply assuming that your clients know what types of clients you’re looking for—or that you’re even looking to bring in new clients—can be risky. Learn what you could be doing to not only get more referrals, but to make a daunting task a little less frightening.

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A Sterling Reputation, March 2012, Investment AdvisorA Sterling Reputation

How good is your reputation? When their clients lose money, the boys at Sterling Global Strategies take it to heart and do something about it.

They started their independent firm in late 2008; yes, 2008. You might call ‘em crazy for doing so at that time, but be sure to add “like a fox. Editor in Chief John Sullivan explains.

Read the full article. The Gender Trap, March 2012, Investment AdvisorThe Gender Trap

The World Economic Forum’s recent Global Gender Gap Report notes that 85% of the 135 countries surveyed in 2011, Saudi Arabia included, have “made progress in the past year toward gender equality.”

A little closer to home, most especially in issues related to the financial advisor-client relationship, things don’t appear quite as progressive. To put it plainly, when receiving investment advice, many women are fighting an uphill battle to be related to as being firmly entrenched in the financial driver’s seat.

Learn what you can do to avoid missing practice-building opportunities with your female clients.

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Finding Balance in Your Busy Life, March 2012, Investment AdvisorFinding Balance in Your Busy Life

You know about balancing portfolios, but what about yourself? Investment Advisor columnist Olivia Mellan talks to pioneers in the wellness industry to discover two ways to embrace the wellness movement that will benefit you, your clients, your colleagues and your firm.

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