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Free Yourself To Do More By Delegating

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D+D+S+T+T+A+G+L= space to attract

The above formula, from my newest time-saving system, is an abbreviation for Deanne + Delegation + Systems + Technology + Team + Audio Acrobat + GoToMeeting + LogMeIn = space to attract new ideas and opportunities.

In the later part of 2011 and in the beginning of 2012, I looked at ways to use delegation, systems and technology to save energy and time so that I could free up my mind to attract ideas and opportunities. We only have so much consciousness, energy and time, and I no longer wished to waste mine doing routine but valuable tasks. We all must make choices about how we’re going to spend our resources.

So to save some of my consciousness, energy and time, I invested the best part of an hour recently with Deanne McAndrews, our customer service virtual assistant. I used Audio Acrobat to record a telephone conversation with Deanne while using GoToMeeting to visually show Deanne how to identify my next week’s coaching calls (which are scheduled in Maximizer) so that Deanne can then use LogMeIn to go into my computer and send out GoToMeeting invitations on my behalf.

What can you delegate or automate that will allow you to free up consciousness, energy and time? If you create the space, what new ideas and opportunities will you be able to attract?

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