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Advisors: Inject Some “Wow!” Into Your Website

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Here are seven quick questions to evaluate your website:

  1. Do you think your website stops people in their tracks with your compelling messaging or headline?
  2. Do you think visitors know they’ve come to the right place for them and their needs when they arrive at your site?
  3. Do you find that visitors regularly navigate to two, three or more pages inside your site?
  4. Does your site have strong hooks and calls to action?
  5. Do you think your site evokes a response of introspection, laughter, fear or discussion?
  6. Are you receiving first contacts from prospects through your website?
  7. Do you think your referrals and prospects are finding and visiting your site before coming in for an appointment?

The answer to all of these questions should be unequivocally yes. And if you use Google Analytics ( you can track the answers to many of these questions and know for sure.

The number one most important element of your website is the message. And no matter the design of your site, your words need to be powerful and compelling to your target market. Fewer words are better, but the words you choose have to move people to take some action. Website writing requires an approach that is more marketing than informational. Your copy needs to explain who you are as much as what you do. It needs to grab the reader to get them to notice and continue reading on. Ideally your website copy should compel visitors to act on something (contact your office, download a free report or white paper, sign up for your email newsletter, register for a seminar or event, etc).

The number two most important element of your website is the design. Compelling design includes interactivity, for example, short videos, pictures of people who work in your office, easy-to-use navigation, social media and immediate access to valuable information.

Ultimately, if your website is not meeting the mark, we recommend first to simply rewrite your site to grab the attention of those who have found their way to your site. Many of your visitors may be referrals who need just a little push forward. And rewriting your website copy is a relatively quick fix to turn your site into a marketing tool that will convert visitors into interested prospects and, ultimately, clients.

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Maribeth Kuzmeski is the founder of Red Zone Marketing, LLC, which consults to Fortune 500 firms on strategic marketing planning and business growth. For more information, go to