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Latinos Lagging On Retirement Savings, Says Pew (NPR)

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They’re the largest minority group in the U.S., and they’re underserved by advisors. Just 10 percent of Latinos have invested in individual retirement accounts, compared to 35 percent of non-Hispanic whites. In an interview with NPR, financial journalist Jaime Levy Pessin said this discrepancy boils down to two factors: culture and wages. Because Latinos have such a strong focus on family, the expectation for many is that they don’t need to prepare for retirement because their children or younger relatives will care for them as they age. By the same token, even Latinos with high salaries, making $120,000 a year or more, often devote much of that money to family need rather than retirement savings, taking care not only of children and aging parents, but of nieces, nephews, and other family members that need financial assistance.