California residents are somewhat more likely to say they have thought about private long term care (LTC) insurance now than they were in 1994, but fewer than 10% have LTC coverage.

The California Partnership for Long-Term Care, an arm of the California Department of Health Care Services, has reported that finding in a summary of results from a recent survey of 950 California adults.

The partnership – an organization that encourages California residents to buy private LTC insurance policies that coordinate with California Medicaid benefits – compared the results with results from a similar survey conducted in 1994.

The percentage of survey participants who said they had not bought LTC insurance because they had not thought about it has fallen to 55%, from 66% in 1994, and the percentage who said they think the government will take care of them has fallen to 6%, from 22%.

But the percentage who think LTC insurance is took expensive has fallen only slightly, to 59%, from 60%.

One finding that might be of interest to insurers is that the percentage of participants who said insurers cannot be trusted to cover policies has fallen to 29%, from 44%.

- Allison Bell

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