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Sales results suffering? Ask yourself these five questions.

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If your sales results are less than good, please ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you rely on email for prospecting and reactivating dormant accounts rather than using the telephone to make personal contact?
  2. Have you slacked off on your networking efforts, resulting in a greatly reduced volume of new contacts and connections?
  3. How much new business prospecting have you been doing? (Be honest.)
  4. Have you taken a good look at your product or service offerings? When was the last time that you did an in-depth SWOT analysis?
  5. Are you depending on social media to do much of the business development work for you? Do you think your website and marketing efforts are the most vital components of what you need to do to win new business?

How did you answer these questions? Do you need to make any changes in the way you’re doing things? If so, move fast because the all-important fall selling season is right around the corner.

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