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The year 2008 made it hard to balance things and to take advantage of non-correlation. In other words, 2008 messed about with my somewhat orderly pre-2008 portfolios.

We could, as many do, take 2008 as an anomaly, but I think it was more – sign that one should, when it comes to the market, never take things for granted. Going forward, as I’ve been preaching over the past two and a half years, I’m going to concentrate on being flexible, both in portfolio choices and tactics. As to tactics, in the July issue of Life Insurance Selling I write about a way to stay tuned to being flexible and still devote most of your time to asset building.

My New Year’s resolution – quite late this year – is to simplify my life by simplifying my tactics and flexibility, and unifying many of my portfolios.

Summer (weather summer, which is different than calendar summer) has come to OK. It was 95 degrees yesterday. Once again, I can swim early in the morning, and then sit by the pool, read and look up from my book to see my wife’s spectacular gardens – no, we don’t have a mansion or, indeed, a huge garden, but my wife really does well with plants and flowers each year, and it’s a joy to watch the bees buzz, the butterflies fly and the hummingbirds hum as all circulate around the miracle of spring, summer and fall.

Have a wonderful warm and sunny week and do good work.

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