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Advisors: Solid marketing strategies transcend industry

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Dan Ginnaty, of Flooring America, based in Great Falls, Montana, read the story in John David Mann’s and my book, “Go-Givers Sell More,” about Marie Jakubiak, the owner of a Birmingham, Michigan-based CPA firm.

When welcoming new clients, Marie communicates her appreciation by highlighting their name on a sign surrounded by flowers in the reception area. How could a flooring company emulate that, especially when so many people come in without appointments?

Thinking creatively, Dan saw how he could use that type of welcome, sans flowers, in order to encourage people to make appointments. The first few people who set appointments were greeted by a sign welcoming them by name.

This is unusual for a flooring company. And the customers felt good about it. Several commented that while they usually feel good about coming into his store, this brought it to an entirely new level. And other customers desired that same feeling. Word soon got out, and more and more people were calling in to set appointments.

Key point: A good idea is a good idea; a clever marketing strategy is a clever marketing strategy. It does not have to be duplicated exactly in order to be duplicated effectively.

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