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5 more ways to boost your website's marketing value

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Are you getting the results you want from your website? Here are five more ideas to boost the marketing value of your site through higher traffic, better search engine rankings, and more effective engagement with your customers and prospects.

1. Showcase your staff. The people who work at your company and deliver your products and services are your biggest asset. Let visitors get to know some of these folks by profiling them on your site. Don’t be afraid to share a bit of personal information, like a hobby or pet. Being real adds warmth and authenticity.

2. Add pictures. There’s a wealth of great stock photography available to add visual interest to your site. Check out,,, and If you have the resources, invest in original photography to illustrate your products and services in use.

3. Use the best design conventions. More than a decade after websites were created, there are established conventions for easier navigation and quick access to Web content. Don’t fight what works. Put your logo in the upper left, your customer log-in in the upper right, drop-down menus across the top, and side navigation down the left.

4. Feature your social media links. Put prominent links to your social media channels on every page of your site, especially on the home page if you’re communicating with customers, prospects and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

5. Make an offer. Give away something of value to demonstrate your expertise and get prospects to give you permission to communicate with them in future marketing campaigns.

Nearly everyone who is considering doing business with your company visits your website at some point in the sales process. That’s why keeping your website fresh, interesting and engaging is so important to a smart marketing strategy.

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Jean M. Gianfagna focuses on marketing strategies and is the founder and president of Gianfagna Strategic Marketing, which provides marketing strategy and creative services to business-to-business and consumer marketers. Read her blog for more marketing tips at