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Marketing collateral: 5 tips for advisors

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When creating multiple marketing pieces, it’s important to construct a collateral strategy that integrates all communications, not just those printed. The strategy should be well defined yet flexible enough to add new components as needs arise. Here are five considerations when creating a marketing collateral strategy.

  1. A system and guide. Do you have one marketing collateral design system, i.e. all material looks and reads like it comes from one company, yet distinctions can be made between products and services)? Do you have a style guide to enhance your brand image and ensure marketing consistency? These tools keep multiple designers and writers on the same page while making it easy to add new communications to the collection.
  2. Printing plan. Do you use print on demand to save on storage and obsolescence costs, or do you print in bulk in advance to save on printing and improve print quality?
  3. Mass produce. Will each piece be personalized, using print on demand, and if so, will it be fully customized or will templates be used, only customizing certain fields?
  4. Consistency. Is your printed collateral in sync with your online communications, e.g. website, emails, etc.? Plus, does your material match your advertising and overall brand image?
  5. When is material used and why? Have you mapped out all prospect interactions and all your client touch points, noting where collateral is used and why? Do certain components support others, e.g., mailers can be teasers while Web pages might compliment them with more detailed information?

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