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10 more of the 100 best marketing ideas ever!

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Last week we rolled out 10 of our tips from the 100 best marketing ideas ever feature. This week, we’re rolling out 10 more.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, the 2011 list is a little different. We’ve finally joined the 21st century and have gone interactive. We’re encouraging all of our readers to go to our 100 best page on the website and vote on the ideas listed.

In addition, you have the opportunity to go to the comments section at the bottom of the page and add your own top sales and marketing ideas. Look for a complete list of the 100 best ideas in our June issue. Until then, enjoy 10 of the ideas that I’ve included below.

1. I get File Folder Labels and print off a headshot, with my name and phone number on five sheets with 30 stickers on a sheet (Wal-Mart $5!) I peel and place labels on dental brochures, because people who take care of their teeth, usually take care of their health! If someone calls for a simple $13-$25 Dental plan, I have a client! I can get referrals and I can up sell other products after I do a fact finder. After I have a pile of brochures, I put them in plastic door hangers and canvas neighborhoods with my brochures. I also put stacks in a plastic brochure holder, and drop off at the local libraries, hair salons, and various businesses to ask if I can leave a brochure stand. I think about where people have to wait for things, and then place my brochures there, I get calls once or twice a week from it, and it’s practically FREE! I also call out the clients I’ve sold to in the past to make sure they’re happy, and ask about anyone they know that has had a heart attack, stroke, or cancer, and go into critical illness insurance. – Jane Rowley-Bowen

2. I work the senior market because I’m 61 years old. I target seniors who are turning 65 this year and will need a Medicare Supplement. When I sit down with the prospect, I give them a sheet listing all the services we provide. I also give them a sheet listing all the companies I represent. Then I pull out a five question yes or no answer sheet concerning checking accounts, CDs, savings, life insurance, and money market savings. When I get that completed, I put it in my brief case. I do not discuss it any further. I go into my Medicare supplement plan and then write the application. When I deliver the Medicare supplement policy, I then pull out the questionnaire and get into a discussion about their savings, CD’s etc. I have been fortunate to write an annuity sale for just about every supplement that I have placed. You already have their confidence and they are looking for someone to trust to talk about their savings and retirement planning. It is a very low key approach and works for me. – Marty Rohde

3. I use radio advertisements on a local AM talk station to reach age groups 54 plus – Bob Burns

4. Most of my work results from referrals. I do a lot of networking and attend as a vendor at numerous health fairs, etc. I always follow up with a thank you note to the person who refers me. If they do a lot, I recognize them with a small gift. – Paula Q. Wallace

5. We have found that Facebook is one of our best sales and marketing ideas. We are building that community to find referrals and sell product. It is amazing how a client can post on their wall how much they appreciate us and friends of theirs will comment to us for the same products. We also start discussions on trends and have colleagues comment as well. This helps build our brand. I am stopped several times a week with comments about how informative our FB page is, etc. – Theresa Baker

6. Public speaking engagements: lunch and learn seminars for corporations. – David Driggers

7. Amazingly, I have found that it is most effective to ASK current clients about other needs. This allows them to give referrals, if not discuss other opportunities in their own portfolios. – Joe Tillman

8. A simple way to get a conversation started about a client’s retirement nest egg in your fact finding process is to ask, “Have you started taking distributions from your IRA yet?” The answer will either be “Yes”, “No”, or “I don’t have one.” If yes, they are short on income, and have to take money from their IRA. If no, they have plenty of discretionary income, and can afford other products. If they don’t have one, you have a client with problems. – Patrick Monahan

9. Try to get on a local PBS TV station to do educational segments or shows about senior planning and long-term care. Generally, it’s the right demographic and it’s free exposure. – Tom Martin

10. I send out birthday cards — handwritten and hand addressed to my book of business. I send out about 150 per month. At every seminar I do, I make sure that everyone gives me his or her information, so I can increase my book of business. I also find out each customer’s sweet tooth and no and then send it to them unexpectedly. It gives another touch and brings a smile to their face! – Jayne Sandler

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