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When was the last time you had a thorough financial review?

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We have a review every three years to make sure we’re still where we want to be. And whenever we have some sort of major change, we will go and meet with him. Next year, our granddaughter will start her senior year of high school, so earlier this year we called our planner and asked him to help us figure out a way to help her pay for college. We’re lucky to be in a position to offer her that, and our planner had some great advice about how to proceed.
– Gerald, 70, Henderson, Nev.

About four years ago, after my mother died — she was 97! We spoke to our financial advisor. My mother had a long nursing home stay that was a major financial expense for her. So, unfortunately, most of her assets were used up on her care. She had a little money left, though, which I inherited. So we took it to our advisor, and he did an audit of our financial plan, which he had set up years earlier, and gave us some recommendations on what to do with it. It was good to see that we were still on track and in pretty good shape despite the market tumbling the way it did.
– Cora, 72, Jonesboro, Ark.

Last year. I sold a business some time ago and had liquid assets that I needed to invest. I had always gotten financial advice from a friend of mine who is a CPA. But after the sale, my friend told me I should find an expert in estates and have them draw up a comprehensive plan to protect my assets. And I’m really glad I did. I found someone on the Internet who I really like. He’s expensive, no question about that, but he really knows his stuff and I’m a satisfied customer.
– Nathan, 63, Galveston, Texas

Every couple of years we speak to our financial advisor. He goes over our holdings with us to make sure that nothing’s been missed. I wouldn’t call it a major review, but there are lots of little checkups. Of course, we had a major one 15 years ago when we set up our estate plan. That was thorough, I’ll say! But our advisor has been really good about keeping us informed about what’s going on and has made the necessary adjustments along the way.
– Marshall, 68, Delray Beach, Fla.