Tom Prideaux has built a nice business specializing in the “college cost challenge.” He has found that most families have no clue how to address that need, and therein lies a gold-plated opportunity for the financial professional.

“Studies show that for the majority of parents of college-bound students, financing their child’s college education is their No. 1 concern,” he says. “Each year, millions of students go to college, and the advisor who can answer questions, ease their mind and offer solutions suddenly becomes a hero. That prospect who was once a distant lead for life, annuities and retirement planning is now anxious and excited to meet with an agent who can help with this problem.”

Editor’s Note: The preceding tip was taken from “College Costs, Meet Your Master,” a Producer Profile of Tom Prideaux, that ran in the February 2009 issue of Life Insurance Selling. To read the full article, click here.

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