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Advisor reminder: The fortune's in the follow up

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Your mother was right: Writing a thank you note can, indeed, make your sales business. When clients ask if they should send a note, make a call, or send an e-mail as a thank you for a referral, I say yes. You can never thank someone enough. Regardless of whether you have good handwriting, write the note. Show your appreciation. Follow up.

Our world is fast-paced. It’s connected, electronic, wireless, character-limited and immediate. And it’s made person-to-person communication easy. But with that ease is a casualness that doesn’t communicate “You are worth my real time.” Take the time. Follow up. Write a note.

Stay in touch

  • Mine your database. Use your database to record relevant contact information and provide a tickler for your next conversation.
  • Engage in social media. If you’re not active in social media, you’re not in business. Pose questions. Answer questions. Social media is not a place to sell, but it is a place to communicate valuable information.
  • Write a blog. Keep your posts short and post at least weekly. I’m sure you’re not at a loss for something to say or information to share. Link your blog directly to LinkedIn, and your connections see your blog when you post it.
  • Send articles. Write your own articles or get an author’s permission to use their articles (with attribution) to stay in touch by sending relevant, interesting content to your network.
  • Write newsletters. Stay in touch at least quarterly with a “newsy” newsletter.

You never know when people are ready or how something you say resonates at just the right time. So stay touch. The fortune is in your follow up!