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How far are you willing to travel to meet with a financial advisor?

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My longtime advisor has an office about five miles away, which is not far at all. I probably wouldn’t go further than 15 miles away. There are enough people wanting to give you advice–you shouldn’t have to go far to get to one. My advisor and I are old pals, so we usually meet at a restaurant halfway between. That way no one has to go too far. It’s more fun that way and he always picks up the check!
-Frank, 72, Metairie, La.

I guess that depends on what kind of advisor they are. We used an advisor from our bank for years, and I always had to go to there to meet him, which was fine because he was only a mile or so away. I would have to say that I probably wouldn’t travel as far as 10 miles to see someone. If there was someone I needed to see who was that far away, I would expect them to offer to come and see me at my home.
-Sam, 83, Phoenix

Our advisor used to work right around the corner from my husband’s office, so we could see him anytime we wanted. But then he moved his business to a neighboring area, which was about 13 miles away, a bit far to drive, in my opinion. Whenever we had to meet with him after that, we would pick a day when he was going to be back over here because he still had a lot of people he saw around here. I guess we’re lucky we’ve never had to go far to see him.
-Julia, 68, Charleston, S.C.

Let’s see, I have a tax guy I use who’s about a 40-minute drive, but he’s worth it. I would drive twice as long to see him. And the guy who handles my investments is about 15 or 20 minutes. Now, I make him some pretty hefty commissions, that’s for sure, so it’s not quite the same as with [the tax advisor]. If he lived a lot further, I would probably look around for someone else.
-Tom, 64, Santa Cruz, Calif.