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Retiree Sues Wells Fargo for Mishandling IRA

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A retiree in Florida has sued Wells Fargo after her broker allegedly mishandled IRA assets, despite having already suffered losses with the same broker, according to a statement released Tuesday by the woman's lawyer.

The retiree gave her broker a chance to "do a better job" with her IRA, after suffering losses and moving her investments to another broker-dealer. The woman returned to her initial broker after he said he would watch her IRA and "do a better job."

The claim filed by Florida-based securities fraud attorney Mark Tepper alleges that Wells Fargo "breached its duty to make suitable recommendations; mis-marked her investment objective and risk tolerance; and engaged in short term trading and speculating on Latin America and China mutual funds, and on 'ultra bull' leveraged exchange traded funds."

Instead of developing an "accurate customer profile" in order to make suitable recommendations, the claim alleges "key forms" used by the broker included contradictory and false information about the client.

The claim also accuses the broker of "excessive trading" and generating "an annual turnover rate of more than 17 times the average monthly equity" in the woman's IRA.

A spokesperson for Wells Fargo said that they had not yet seen the complaint, but that they typically did not comment on ongoing litigation.