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How to Develop a Professional Reputation in the DI Market

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If you specialize in the disability insurance marketplace, chances are you’ll come across your competition on a regular basis. As a result, word will spread – both positively and negatively – about how you conduct your business.

A few years ago, I had a client, Richard, who moved to the East Coast. While looking for disability insurance coverage, his wife came across a competitor of mine. Richard contacted me and showed me the proposal; I saw the name of my competitor on the front page and told Richard that this other broker had a great reputation and that, if his wife felt comfortable with it, he should purchase the policy from him. Richard thanked me for my honesty, and frankly, was a little surprised by my response. He remained loyal to me and referred me to his friends. The other broker was not aware that this took place.

A few years later, Richard and his wife had a child, and they wanted to purchase life insurance. I showed them proposals that suited their needs. They also met with the other broker. I later received a call from the other broker – Richard, had told him what happened years before with the DI policy, and told him that he wanted to buy his life insurance through me. The other broker was so stunned by my past professional move that he wanted to split the business and work together on the case. The clients were thrilled, and we had met their needs. The other broker was so accustomed to an adversarial and competitive environment that he was refreshed that he could work jointly with another broker instead of always being ready to compete.

Disability insurance is a competitive field, just like any other type of sales environment. However, when you act like a true professional, you’ll not only earn respect from your clients, you’ll be respected by your peers, as well.

Jamie K. Fleischner is president of Set for Life Insurance, a national brokerage based in Greenwood Village, CO. For more information, please visit

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