As part of AdvisorOne's Special Reports–timely collections of news articles, commentary and interviews on specific topics of particular relevance to advisors of all kinds–in February 2011 the editors present Special Report: ETFs and Advisors.

Following on the well-received Special Reports this year on the market and economic Outlook 2011 and Q4 Earnings for companies that partner with advisors, or employ them, the ETF Special Report includes:

Our monthly Portfolio e-newsletter focusing on ETFs, which on Feb. 7 included:

Gil Weinreich of Research, asking "What would Warren Buffett do?" when it came to picking ETFs, plus Ron DeLegge on Van Eck deciding to suspend creation orders of the Market Vectors Egypt Index ETF.

Next up was our Webinar titled ETFs: What's Next and How to Use Them in Client Portfolios, held Feb. 9 but archived here, featuring regular AdvisorOne contributors Vaughan Scully of Standard & Poor's and Ron DeLegge of, along with S&P Equity Research's Thomas Graves.

On Feb. 10, our weekly Career Advantage newsletter included Rydex|SGI AdvisorBenchmarking's take on the practice management advantages of using ETFs in client portfolios.

Special Report: ETF Newsletter Calendar

Feb. 11 — Our first Special Report: ETF newsletter was delivered with the following standard features:

  • The ETF Leaders Interview, in which Tom Lydon spoke to Investment Advisor Editor John Sullivan of his predilection now for small-cap and industrial metals funds.
  • The ETF Sector Watch, in which AdvisorOne's Janet Levaux took a hard look at broker-dealer and financial services ETFs as earnings season wound down.
  • The ETF Readers' Choice, the most widely read ETF news article of the week: Vaughan Scully of S&P on Asian emerging-market funds.

Since important news sometimes can't wait, on Feb. 14, noted ETF advisor expert Rick Ferri shared with Research Editor Gil Weinreich his approach to including ETFs in client portfolios. What does Ferri look for in best-of-class funds? "The cheapest one," he told Weinreich.

Feb. 18 — Our second Special Report: ETF newsletter features:

Feb. 25 — Our third and final Special Report: ETF newsletter for the month features:

Feb. 28 – Our final special article for the month, by Joyce Hanson, focuses on global real estate investing, particularly through a Cohen & Steers ETF.