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7 ways to go the extra mile for client service

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Developing the habit of going the extra mile and rendering service above and beyond your clients’ expectations is a smart business decision that pays big dividends. Going the extra mile enhances client loyalty, increases sales and promotes positive word-of-mouth advertising. One happy client who is given exceptional service can influence more prospects to do business with you than $10,000 worth of traditional advertising.

Here are some suggestions to help you get started going the extra mile.

  1. Be proactive by calling five of your clients every day to see if they have any service requirements you can help them with.
  2. Follow up quickly by returning your clients’ phone calls and e-mails within an hour.
  3. Show your appreciation by mailing a handwritten thank-you note to your new clients after the sale.
  4. When you receive a client service request, make it your highest priority to handle it quickly.
  5. Every six months, mail your clients a business-related or motivational article to keep in contact.
  6. Use your imagination and think out of the box to find new ways to improve the quality and quantity of service you provide to your clients.
  7. Invite your best clients out for breakfast or lunch to build rapport and strengthen your relationship.

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