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Stand out: How to identify your personal brand, part 2

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Last week we shared the Arrow Blog‘s ways for you to identify your personal brand. This week delves into the last part of that discussion: discovering your unique value proposition. These next seven questions from Leo Pusateri‘s Value Ladder help you do just that.

1. Who are you? Your background defines who you are.

2. What do you do? Many advisors answer this question with the tasks they perform. But the value the client receives from a task should be articulated, not just the mechanics of the task itself.

3. Why do you do what you do? This centers on the underlying purpose of your work. For example, you are concerned for the financial future of boomer citizens, which can be funded by a strong retirement plan.

4. How do you do what you do? Describe your steps in your consulting. Do you use specific tools or certain guidelines to achieve a client’s goals?

5. Who have you done it for? You should have some client testimonials that highlight your solutions to typical client problems. These stories describe the client’s problem, detail your solution and emphasize the resulting benefit the client received.

6. What makes you different? These differentiators outline your uniqueness. For example, the high number of veterans or families with which you have worked, the training you’ve received, awards you’ve won, etc.

7. Why should we do business with you? This question is about the real value you bring. Knowing your competition helps to answer this question. By identifying weaknesses in the competition, you can emphasize your strengths.

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