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5 things your financial website may be missing

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As a financial advisor, Web design may not be your top priority or just may not come naturally to you. It’s hard to know what to include on your website and how to appear unique in such a crowded field. Here we’ve highlighted 10 things your website may still need in order for you to stand out and be found online.

1. Site map. If your website has 15 or more pages, it should include a site map. It helps visitors find their way around and also helpssearch engines find your site. Make sure your site map page links to all of your other internal pages, and update it whenever you add a new page. See SMA example.

2. Lead generation forms. Including a form for a prospect to easily fill out for more information helps increase your number of potential clients. Make it as quick and easy as possible for users to ask for information and allow them to specify exactly what they’re looking for.

3. Links page. Including a links page provides your visitors with useful resources that may be of interest to them. As a financial advisor, you may want to include links to compliance regulations. Make sure all your links support your business, rather than linking to possible competitors of yours. SMA example here.

4. RSS feed. An RSS feed is basically a way for users to “subscribe” to your site and receive updates on your latest content. If you offer it on your site, you instantly become accessible to millions of Internet users who use the feed reader applications to find information.

5. Search engine optimization. Do you have keywords in your title, content and meta tags or in your description of your website? Do you have proper alt image tags? Internal and external links? If none of this makes sense to you, and you want your site to be indexed by search engines and found by visitors who don’t know your name yet. Do research on how to optimize your site.

Look for five more things to include in your website next week.

Lisa Craveiro works in the online marketing department at Advisor Websites, where she manages social media accounts and helps financial services professionals gain a better understanding of how to increase their online presence. She has previously worked in a number of roles as a marketing coordinator, crafting and executing online and outdoor media strategies. Visit for more information.