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Webinars: Do you know your close ratio?

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If you host webinars, do you track the ratios of your prospects to presentations to proposals to closes? These simple ratios can offer tremendous insights into the health of your sales and marketing engine. Let’s say your monthly webinar results in 100 registrants per month:

  • Of these 100, 10 move further down your sales funnel and result in individual presentations (10 percent).
  • Of these 10 presentations, five request proposals (50 percent of presentations or 5 percent of webinar registrants).
  • Of these five proposals, two close (40 percent of proposals or 2 percent of the original 100 registrants).

Once you’ve established your ratios, are you happy with them? If you are, then you may want to increase registrants, allowing more prospects to cascade down your funnel.

Or maybe you think a 10 percent conversion rate from registrants to presentations is too low. You then need to determine how to change that metric. Perhaps your webinars need a more compelling call to action or a special offer to move to an individualized presentation. You could also offer a short one-on-one Web conference call.

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