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Time-tested tools give peace of mind to your clients

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The U. S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself.
- Benjamin Franklin

During election times, people across this great nation–especially seniors–become engaged in the political process by focusing on the role of government, the principles of our Constitution and whether politicians will deliver on their promises.

People are becoming more aware that guarantees made by the government are shallow at best and more than ever, everyone but, again, specifically seniors, needs to rely on the Constitution to help chart their financial futures.

The Constitution promotes taking personal responsibility for your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and as trusted financial advisors, we need to lead this charge for our clients. Now, perhaps more than ever, is a perfect time to revisit your clients’ current financial plans to ensure they are focused on the right objectives for the future. Offer your clients sound advice when they just can’t seem to find it anywhere else. For example, persuade your senior clients to live below their means to ensure security in the future.

And show why incorporating time-tested financial tools such as life insurance and annuities into their portfolios–both of which are some of the most valuable elements of any strong financial plan, especially over the long run–delivers peace of mind, whether your clients live long or die before their time.

Emphasize how annuities deliver guaranteed income our clients can’t outlive, while life insurance creates tax-free capital to assure their debts and obligations will not outlive them. Especially today, guaranteed annuities can assure basic living expenses without prematurely forcing untimely withdrawals from long-term savings and investments at the worst time, as we’ve experienced over the last few years. And, while living, life insurance can also be used to supplement retirement income, fund an emergency or opportunity, or maintain a solid investment–like a family business in need of cash flow.

It is important for advisors to realize financial planning, especially during retirement, is relative. The recent economic downturn affected all clients, regardless of their income or financial portfolio, and the government has proven it isn’t capable of delivering happiness. That is where you come in. As challenging as it might be, it’s our responsibility to help our clients believe the future is in their hands, not the government’s.