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Tip: Use caution with your online presence

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Did you know if a picture of you appears on Facebook or elsewhere on the Internet, just about anyone can see it if they search for you? There is a Facebook application called Photo Finder, powered by It uses facial recognition and social connections software to locate a photo of someone – even if it wasn’t identified by name (tagged).

According to an article by Jeffrey Rosen in The New York Times Magazine, as facial recognition software becomes more sophisticated, people will be able to find any picture of you located anywhere on the Internet. Someone could take a picture of you with a cell phone, plug the image into Google and pull up all photos – whether identified or not – of you that are on the Internet. Yikes. Better think twice before uploading last week’s pool party pictures.

Remember, our public image and reputation are not just in our hands. Being a key player in your brand and your business means you must use caution with your online presence. Make sure you know what is out there about you – pictures, reviews and everything else.