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Crystal ball

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Will gold continue to rise in price? Is the yellow metal the new U.S. Treasury bill, a new world safety net? Will oil prices rise? Is China going to keep growing, even at a slower pace? India? Will increased taxes act as a damper on U.S. economic growth?

Here’s what I know:

  1. Good companies with good products – whether in the U.S. or overseas – will continue to earn profits, and the stock prices of those companies, on balance, will rise.
  2. Good mutual fund managers will continue to assemble good investments, and the shares of such funds will, on balance, continue to grow.
  3. Good exchange-traded funds strategists will package worthwhile investments, and, on balance, they will grow.
  4. Flexible funds and eventually exchange-traded funds may lead the pack because they can go to gold, oil, small-cap value, emerging market debt, or mix and match as conditions require.
  5. Each of us can be good investors and probably great investors. Being a good investor is a very good thing. May I suggest you read Clark Winter’s 2008 book “The Either/Or Investor“?You can probably find one for a few bucks online at the websites for Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon or Books-a-Million. Let Mr. Winter tell you the difference between great and good.

Do a good deed this week, something unexpectedly kind for which you would think no reward is possible, and have a great week.