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Using the principles of persuasion

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Psychologists say we are born into one of four primary temperament styles: aggressive, expressive, passive or analytical. Each style requires a different prospecting approach and presentation strategy. If a leader is to influence colleagues and customers, he must be able to quickly and accurately recognize each of these behavioral styles and adapt accordingly. During your next presentation, make an effort to identify the temperament style to which you’re presenting and use as many of these emotionally charged words as possible.

1.) The aggressive, bottom-line, “Worker” style is results-oriented. They ask “what” questions. They value achievement and fear loss of control. When presenting to this buying style, use these words: control, flexibility, work, bottom line, power, challenge, speed, money, functional, results, goals, options, hands-on, quickly, freedom, and immediately.

2.) The expressive, emotional, “Talker” style is people-oriented. They ask “who” questions. Talkers value recognition and fear loss of prestige. When presenting to this buying style use these words: Fun, entertaining, creative, friendly, simple, incredible, exclusive, improved, prestige, new, ultimate, spontaneous, exciting, enjoyable, cash, and adventure.

3.) The passive, harmonious “Watcher” style is service-oriented. They ask “how” questions. Watchers value appreciation and fear conflict. When presenting to this buying style use these words: Support, service, family, harmony, dependable, caring, cooperation, helpful, easy, sincere, love, kindness, concern, considerate, gentle, and relationship.

4.) The analytical, cautious, “Thinker” style is quality-oriented. They ask “why” questions. Thinkers value accuracy and fear being viewed as incompetent. When presenting to this buying style use these words: Safe, scientific, proven, value, learn, guaranteed, save, bargain, economical, quality, logical, reliable, accurate, perfect, security, precise, and efficient.

While some people are born with a silver tongue, most have to work at their communication skills. Developing the ability to speak with power and passion takes time and effort to master, but it will pay off in big dividends!

Sales trainer and business motivational speaker John Boe presents a wide variety of motivational and sales-oriented keynotes and seminar programs for sales meetings and conventions.

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