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Four Things Advisors Should Know About Women

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1. Women need to know if they have enough money

“Women are far more likely to make a testamentary gift than a lifetime gift. They’re afraid to give until they’re sure they have enough for themselves, even women who have plenty. The first thing a woman must do to be generous is to be selfish. Until she knows what she’s got, how long it’s going to last, and what she needs, she can’t be generous.”–Eleanor Blayney

2. Women have different reactions to risk

“Men tend to react to a threat with anger, which is motivating and empowering. Women tend to react with fear, which is disempowering and paralyzing.”–Elizabeth Jetton

3. Women react differently to stress

“When men are stressed, they fight or flee. Women under stress gather with other women and try to protect their children. Our stress patterns may be negative when it comes to money, but we’re the ones who have good support networks.”–Peg Downey

4. Women want to understand before they act

“When I got into the business [at a brokerage firm], I knew nothing about investments. I just listened and observed, and I made an assumption that the men knew what they were doing. After being there a while, I realized that most of them did it in spite of how little they knew.”–Elizabeth Jetton

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