“My husband and I have good coverage. In fact, very good. We were both in the financial services industry when we were still working. When I think about it, I’d say we probably both have too much coverage, but as our advisor always likes to tell us: ‘You can never have enough coverage.’ Ha ha. He would say that.”
- Zelda R., 71, Buffalo, N.Y.

“Wow. That’s a good question. I do have insurance, but I don’t think the coverage is what it should be. My advisor and I spoke briefly on the phone last year and she talked to me about the gaps I have in my coverage. I’m glad you reminded me about this. I’m always forgetting these things. Age, ya’ know?”
- Jeremey L., 66, Denver, Colo.

“I do have life insurance that is a part of my package with the company I work for. I’ve looked at it and the coverage is pretty good, but I think I could get things planned out a little better with my family.”
- Barry L., 60, Boulder, Colo.

“I think my coverage is just about right. I had an advisor for years who was always trying to upsell me. Being a salesman myself, I worked in the auto industry, I could see his pitch coming from a mile away. We worked through things and got the coverage that works the best for me and my family.”
- Mike T., 62, San Diego, Calif.