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Tackling the tough seminar attendee

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When participants book an appointment at the seminar, you have a pre-sold prospect. But those who want to think more about it are sometimes more difficult to reach, physically and emotionally. What do you do with seminar guests who aren’t sure? Ask questions:

  1. Break the ice. Ask if they liked the food or the venue.
  2. Understand motives. Ask what they hoped to gain by coming to the seminar. If they say the food, now would be a good time to move on.
  3. Discover needs. Ask what their biggest concerns are about their investments including follow-up questions to make sure you understand the whole picture.
  4. Identify current states. Ask what they are currently invested in and if they are pleased with their retirement plan. Their response here will often open up the chance for you to offer your services.
  5. Offer help. Show genuine interest by asking, “If we could help you (state their worry and a benefit), would you be interested in coming in to talk?” If they say no, your probing could use some work. If they say yes, congratulations. You’ve just booked an appointment.

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