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Do you believe you have enough money to last your entire retirement?

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“I don’t know. My husband and I are set to meet with a money advisor coming up soon. I will know more after that meeting. We both did a good job with our money. We have always been savers. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.”
- Jenny A., 69, Milwaukee, Wis.

“Gosh, I sure hope so. I’m retired and my husband’s passed, so there isn’t any more money to count on. We both worked hard all our adult lives and I hope that it will be enough. I’m scared, though.”
- Mary R., 68, Denver, Colo.

“Not at the present. We were hit real hard with the market crash. I felt real good about it until then. I don’t think so now. I don’t like thinking about money at this point. It makes my stomach hurt.”
- Jay C., 66, Birmingham, Ala.

“Are you kidding? No. Definitely not. Maybe if I hit the lottery. Money is not a nice subject around our house. I had health problems years ago that caused me to retire in my 50s. Now I wish I hadn’t retired.”
- Sandra M., 67, Kansas City, Kan.