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As the first wave of boomers, how do you describe your investment philosophy--more aggressive or a bit more conservative?

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“Wow. Good question. Seriously, I wouldn’t consider myself aggressive, although I will take more chances with my money than other people my age, who I feel may tend to be too scared with their money.”
- Eric G., 62, Springfield, Mo.

“Conservative. I am conservative in my thinking, conservative in my politics, conservative in every way, shape or form. Rush Limbaugh might even call me conservative, if that gives you any idea of me.”
- Jan P., 64, Macon, Ga.

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“I would like to think aggressive, but that’s wishful thinking. My dad lived through the Great Depression and instilled in me from the time I was a little boy to always, always, always, be very measured with how I spend my money. Sometimes, my personal life has suffered, but my finances are in order.”
- Don M., 63, Overland Park, Kan.

“I’m not aggressive with my investments, but I don’t stick my money in my mattress either. I have a good, balanced portfolio with a mixture of stocks, bonds, real estate and a little bit in gold.”
- Sam D., 63, Memphis, Tenn.