Lifelong adult learning is broad in scope. It’s about your life, not just your job. Continuing education is narrow in scope. It helps build a body of professional knowledge. It also helps you to maintain a license certification, which is important from a career perspective. While CE might arguably make you more effective at work, lifelong learning makes you more effective as a human being. Put them together and you have an essential step toward becoming a great advisor. How can you get back to class? By following these two simple steps:

  1. Get serious about your CE courses. Give yourself enough time to complete them and by implementing what you learn on the job.
  2. Commit to lifelong learning. Make a “life list” of important books you want to read. Or pick a hobby you want to pursue and master.

As you start those steps toward continued education, remember: It’s never too late to rebuild your road to personal and professional wisdom.