Vanguard announced March 15 that it was launching a comprehensive advertising campaign to help stamp the mutual fund company into the minds of investors by turning their company name into a verb: “Vanguarding.” The thrust of their campaign, as Vanguard stated in a news release, was to “highlight the company’s uniqueness in the investment management marketplace.”

The campaign will encompass online and print advertisements; educational content and tools on; and other print materials.

Tim Buckley, managing director of Vanguard’s Retail Investor Group, said in the release, “Vanguarding is our way of investing–following sound principles, investing at-cost, and partnering with a client-owned firm.”

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Vanguard founder John Bogle was one of the signers of the Fiduciary Statement, and called on Congress to include a fiduciary obligation in financial services reform legislation introduced March 15 by Senator Chris Dodd).