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What do advisors think about health care reform and how it affects seniors?

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Future Medicare, if left up to our elected officials, will require higher costs to access medical care at every level. This will also result in higher costs for Medicare Parts B, C and D. Medicare Supplement Plans, Advantage Plans, and Rx Plans obtained from private insurers will also cost more to cover the gaps not covered by Medicare. Access to medical care will be limited as medical providers’ reimbursement is reduced. More medical providers will choose to opt out of the Medicare reimbursement system since it will not be cost-effective to provide care for senior citizens.
Rob Patteron

How can Obama cut $500 billion from Medicare but not reduce benefits? He doesn’t understand basic math … also, how would reducing physician reimbursements by 20 percent not affect Medicare benefits? Wait until this hits most physicians and they all start making excess charges, or all the seniors who rely on Medicare or a supplement that doesn’t cover excess charges, and we’ll see how it “doesn’t affect their health care benefits.”
Phil Roesel

It is obvious to me that if the government program is put into law that there will be changes. The key will be the termination of the Medicare Advantage plans as they are today. The benefits will go south and the premiums will go north. This change will also affect agents who write this kind of business. The party is over.
Earl Dworkin