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Do you plan to stay with your current advisor for the foreseeable future?

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I’m looking to make a change. The current advisor took us to the cleaners when the economy failed.
Bill B., 60
Seattle, Wash.

Probably so. So far there hasn’t been any reason to look for a new advisor. I researched our current advisor and he’s worked out so far.
Jill B., 62
San Jose, Calif.

Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t really given it too much thought, if you really want to know the truth of it. I guess that means I’m staying put. It stresses me to make changes. You know what I mean?
Henrietta S., 62
Little Rock, Ark.

No way are we changing. Our brother-in-law is our advisor. If we were to change, I don’t want to think about our family reunions
Sam G., 63
Dallas, Texas

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