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Watch The Health Summit Live (With Twitter Coverage)

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If you like fireworks, or All Star Wrestling, you might enjoy the live Webcast of President Obama’s health summit.

You can find live streaming video of the summit here.

You can share your reactions to the summit (and possibly improve your wellness by keeping your blood pressure from rising) by visiting us on Twitter at ReformWatch and telling us what you think.


We will live tweet the health care summit @ReformWatch

under the hash tag #hcrw


Here are the posts we’ve posted about the summit on Twitter so far, newest first:


* ReformWatch: #hcrw Dingell to Obama: “God bless you for your leadership in this matter.” #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Pelosi: The insurance companies couldn’t bear to face the competition from the public option. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Ron Wyden, D-Ore. – Incremental reform is more expensive than comprehensive reform, and we’ve been trying it since 1994 #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama on his proposal and Boehner’s: “Neither of these proposals is radical; the question is which proposal works best.” #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Rep. Pete Roskam, R-Ill. – Obama #hcr proposal like the earlier Democratic proposals “with Republican bread crumbs on top.” ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Waxman: Republicans want California-type malpractice reforms – but Calif. health rates rising 39%. ^hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Waxman: Do Republicans want all Medicare enrollees to shift to catastrophic coverage? #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw John Barrasso, R-Wyo, a doctor: “‘How much it costs’ ought to be the first question” patients ask. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Sen. Dick Durbin: What about the victims of serious medical malpractice? Protect their interests. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw What’s missing: no one’s written points on a chalkboard and had a quick vote on “Which of these can we agree on?” #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Rep Jim Cooper, D-Tenn – need deficit reduction competition, “especially if it’s backed up by votes.” tough to get votes #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Grassley “You’ve got to have a health care system left to serve the people we’re promising health care to.” #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Grassley – problems with individual ownership mandate; hurt health care providers; flood Medicaid with new members. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama on Part D: “The problem isn’t that we gave seniors drug benefits; the problem is that we didn’t pay for them.” #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama to Mcain: “I think you make a legitimate point. I think you do.” #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw McCain If Medicare Advantage so bad, why do the health bills have special Medicare Advantage carveouts for some markets? #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Ryan “Hiding spending does not reduce spending. There really is a difference between us.” #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Rep Paul Ryan, R-Wis: health bill gimmicky, true cost $2.3T over 10 years, uses $500B of Medicare $ to fund new programs #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama “I was dragged kicking and screaming to the conclusion that I arrived at” on individual health coverage mandate. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama on ownership mandate “When I ran in the Democratic primary, I was opposed to the mandate.” #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama – Coverage ownership mandate necessary to avoid free rider problems, eliminate medical underwriting. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama – selling coverage across state lines, through regional compacts or exchange, fine if adverse selection avoided. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Rockefeller – setting 85% minimum medical loss ratio for health insurers good public policy. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-WVa, on health insurers: “They can do what they want, and they do.” #hcr ^ab ^nul

More on this topic

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-WVa: “A nice lady who runs WellPoint said, ‘We will not sacrifice profitability for membership.” #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-WVa, on health insurers: “They’re terrible; they’re in it for the money.” #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Rep Eric Cantor, R-Wis – govt would mandate benefits packages; Obama – only in plans sold thru the exchanges #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama – insurance regulation is not some wild crazy new thing; but cost questions legitimate #hcr ^ab ^nul


* ReformWatch: #hcrw Kathleen Sebelius, HHS secretary/former NAIC pres: “It’s a lot cheaper to insure people who promise never to get sick.” #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Observation: Obama slams when speakers truly off topic; politely moves on when they’re just vague and boring. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama to McCain – let’s get off water under behind closed doors bridge. Talk about how to improve health care. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Sen John McCain: Dem #hcr proposals produced behind closed doors. earmarks/local exceptions/logrolling offensive. ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Miller, chairman of House Education & Labor Committee: horrible to be trapped in a high risk pool. Very expensive. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Rep George Miller, D-Calif, has arthritis, artificial hips “I’m dead in the insurance mrkt if I have to switch policies” #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Sen Max Baucus, D-Mont. Er, Mr. President: you didn’t exactly tell us what our time limits actually are. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama: Problem with badly designed buy across state lines shift: adverse selection in some states. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama: I don’t see us in Congress adding a low-benefit, high-deductible plan for us. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Sen Jon Kyl – Dems – too many mandates; new taxes; increasing medical expense deduction threshold to 10%, from 7% #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Jon Kyl: “We do not agree about the fundamental question about who should mostly be in charge” Dems shift too much to DC #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Professor Obama trying to keep the cost cutting session focused on costs; herding conversation back from Medicare #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw – The Dem who said AHPs similar to the exchange system: Rep. Robert Andrews, D-N.J. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw A Democrat (not sure which): Repubs’ association health plans not that different from our health ins exchange system. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Sen. Max Baucus – there’s room for movement on #hcr. “The gaps that divide us are not that great.” ^ab ^nul


* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama to Alexander: “A bunch of these things are things we’d like to do and in fact are in the legislative proposals.” #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Sen Maj Leader Harry Reid: WE’RE not the ones talking about using reconciliation for #hcr; you’re the ones obsessing about it ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Alexander to Obama: to be bipartisan, swear off using “budget reconciliation” process to get #hcr thru Senate with just 51 votes….

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Alexander – “We don’t do comprehensive reform well.” Try 6 little first steps; health ins profits less than 1% of #hcr costs ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Alexander – Obama proposal would dump millions into Medicaid-like program; too complicated; too expensive. #hcr ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Alexander: “We want you to succeed. If you succeed, our country succeeds.” New Obama proposal too similar to Senate bill. #hcr ^ab…

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Sen Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., for Republicans: Americans oppose the Senate #hcr bill. Make reducing health care costs goal ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama – “I’d like to make sure this is a discussion and not just us trading talking points.” Might make progress ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama says he really is looking at the Republican #hcr proposals; sees a lot of overlap. ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Republicans – Enzi, McCain, Grassley, etc. did show up for #hcr summit; Obama not talking to a bunch of empty chairs. ^ab ^nul

* ReformWatch: #hcrw Obama: “Everybody understands the problem is not getting better; it’s getting worse”; health main driver of federal deficit ^ab ^nul