Morgan Stanley Smith Barney says that its website for women interested in becoming financial advisors has been visited by nearly 30,000 individuals since July 2009.

The online site has been getting an average of 5,000 visitors per month, of which 76 percent are new and 24 percent are returning visitors. The largest audience comes from the United States followed by the United Kingdom, India, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Canada and Asia Pacific.

“When we launched the site earlier this year, we honestly didn’t know what the response was going to be. Now, women around the world are bookmarking this blog for career insights they’d be hard-pressed to get anywhere else,” explains Andy Saperstein, head of U.S. wealth management for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

The website,, describes the job requirements of becoming an FA, how to apply, career development and weekly profiles of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney advisors.

In its latest quarterly results, Morgan Stanley says it includes 18,160 global representatives in 930 locations.