I talk with my advisor. When my husband was alive he kept up with the finances and the news, but since he passed, I get most of the news I trust from my advisor.
Nell J., 75, Portland, Ore.

Fox News. I don’t trust the other left-ish news areas. They want to take my money and give it out to others. I’ll stick with Fox to tell me what’s up and what’s right.
Jeb D., 71, San Diego, Calif.

Oh, everywhere. I’m a first class news junkie. I watch the regular news, read the business section of a couple of newspapers, get a couple of investment newsletters. Anywhere and everywhere?that’s my motto.
Bill B., 70, Chicago, Ill.

I have a good friend who’s a stock broker. He sends me a newsletter once a month that gives a big picture view of the economy and what’s taking place. I also subscribe to BusinessWeek and Forbes.
Jerry D, 62, Memphis, Tenn.