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Landing With A Thud

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After months of just saying no and being proud of it, the House Republicans came up with an so-called alternative to the Democratic health care bills that have preoccupied us for all these many months. 

This was greeted with all the fanfare of one hand clapping.  Yet, for something so curiously light, it landed with a pronounced thud.

Wasn’t it Diana Dors whose story was titled ‘Too Much, Too Soon’?  This GOP plan is like the alternative universe version of that title—’Too Little, Too Late.’

So, what do you do when your pent-up emission elicits no response?  You organize a protest, another one of those manufactured Tea Parties, hallowed relics of the 18th Century.

  And sure enough, that’s exactly what the GOP did on Nov. 5 at the Capitol, with chanting screaming protesters gathered to hear their leaders.

“This bill is the greatest threat to freedom that I have seen,” said Minority Leader John Boehner, otherwise known as Rep. No.

You can tell how desperate and bankrupt of ideas this fellow is since he has started calling the House bill “PelosiCare.”  Just a reminder, John, that trying to scare people with this kind of moniker has gotten very tired.  They may hate the messenger but still embrace the message.

A fellow GOP congressman, Steve King of Iowa, said, “We’re not going to leave this Hill until we kill this bill.”  Love those internal rhymes, Steve.  Who knew you were a poet?

On the very same day, and at least as momentously if not quite as noisily, the House health reform bill got the endorsements of the AARP and the American Medical Association.

President Obama at the White House was very happy with the endorsements of those two organizations.  They no doubt went a long way to drowning out the noise from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.