We have three sons. And one of them was downsized after 17 years of loyal work for a company, and he’s been out of work for a couple years now. We’ve helped him some; we’ve also cut back quite a bit. So that’s our cruise and vacations and so forth.

John H., 75 Fort Madison, Iowa

No, I haven’t. I’m more concerned because all my investments are down. I still have a substantial amount in my IRA. I’ve used that IRA all the time I’ve been retired, and we’ve taken a lot of trips and cruises.

Norman Y., 75 Salem, Ore.

No, I was in a good position this time. Back in 2000, my financial advisor at the time left me in the market, and it was distasterous. Before this last downturn, I made a move that protected what I had. Even though it was not a great deal of money, it was all I had.

Charlie C., 77 Winfield, Kan.

I’m very blessed to have a good state of mind. I can make good choices and take every day as it comes. I gave a lot of what I had to the children and I’m doing fine now on much less finances. I have wonderful children, so I never had to worry about being taken care of.

Mary M., 83, Chicago, Ill.