From the October 2009 Issue of Senior Market Advisor Magazine

“It might sound crazy to most, considering the economy the past year, but when I was younger, I wish I had taken more risks. I played things real close to the vest growing up and I wish I had stuck some money in a McDonald’s or Microsoft when I was younger.”
Jay S., 63
Denver, Colo.

“Oh, I would have jumped on my 401(k) at a much younger age and maxed it out. I still regret waiting so long to start putting in my retirement plan. Big mistake.”
Dan T., 73
Austin, Texas

“I haven’t retired yet, but if I could plan for it better I might have gone into business for myself earlier. I worked in the corporate world for 25 years before starting my own business. I was just spinning my wheels until I branched out for myself.”
James E., 70
Pasadena, Calif.

“What wouldn’t I do differently? (laughs) That might be the better question. When I was young I lived by the philosophy to live for the moment. I did. And that always put me paycheck to paycheck. My first husband told me to slow it down. I like to buy things. I did then and I still do today.”
Jo R., 70
Pensacola, Fla.