“I’m probably not the best person to answer this question. If I get junk mail, I stick it where it should go–in the junk pile. I guess if I had to answer, some type of word-of-mouth marketing works best for me. If someone I know can give a testimonial, then I’ll listen.”
Jerry V., 66 Atlanta, Ga.

“Usually, if I see a marketing product that promises a free gift, it gets my attention. I am what you call a value shopper, so if I think I can get something for free, I’ll take the plunge.
Nancy M., 64 San Jose, Calif.

“Not telemarketers. I have no patience for that intrusion. I also don’t care for junk mail. The best marketing to me is recommendations from friends or family. Once I hear a good word or two, I will look into a situation and see if it fits my needs.”
Robert S., 61 Denver, Colo.

“I like the eat-and-greet seminars. Usually the food is pretty good and also there are other people there. I don’t consider myself a financial expert, so after the presenter gives us all the information, I can ask the other people there what they think about it.”
Van A., 79 Madison, Wisc.