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What is the best advice you ever received from your advisor?

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“Drawing up a comprehensive plan to get me out of debt. I made bad investments back in the 90s … I thought I was some kind of wheeler-dealer with property. My advisor helped me clean my slate and get out of debt.”
Jerry E., 64
Orlando, Fla.

“Get out of the market. I got a call from my advisor in August 2008 and he said we needed to pull out, now! Actually, the best advice was when he told me the same thing in May of last year, but I didn’t listen. Sometimes I’m hardheaded about those things. Glad I listened to him in August.”
Henry P., 74
San Jose, Calif.

“Get your money in Roth IRAs. I don’t remember when it was, but years and years ago, my advisor had me move as much money as I could into Roths.”
Barry S., 71
New Orleans, La.

“That’s a good question. I would say the best advice was to get long term care. We got it and not too long after that, maybe two years, my wife needed it. We’d have been sunk without buying the long term care.”
Bob D., 77
San Antonio, Texas